Community Involvement

Family Focus Legal is focused being community minded and an active member in meeting the needs and interests of the local area. We want to give back to the community that has supported us and believe that the best way to become a fixture in the local community is to get out there and support the local community. 

Family Focus Legal currently sponsor:

  • Mater Dei Lipstick Luncheon
  • Youth Solutions
  • The Ingham Institute lunch
  • 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer
  • Kids of Macathur Health Foundation
  • Shining Stars Foundation
  • The Silver Coin Project - Coins for Kids
  • St Paul's Primary School Fete
  • St Clare's Public School Fete
  • Camden Public School Fete
  • The Oaks Public School Fete

Our Principal, Rebekah Gates, chairs the board of the Mater Dei Lipstick Luncheon and is actively involved in the fundraising and co-ordination of this event with the aim of raising funds to assist with the development program. Rebekah and Louise are also a member of the fundraising committee for Youth Solutions.

The Team at Faily Focus Legal hold a genuine interest in our local community issues.

We are always open to expressions of interest about current community sponsorship and events. 




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