• "In respect to our mutual clientele, I have always been impressed and will continue to utilise her services to ensure my clients are met holistically."

    Dean Royal, Financial Planner – How2Plan
  • "Rebekah level of service, reliable trustworthy and accurate legal representation and advice is crucuial to our success and I would entrust no one else with this responsibility other than Rebekah. I would gladly recommend Rebekah to any friend, family member or business contact."

    J. Eid
  • "I will refer your company to everyone I know, tell them about the professionalism and kindness you shown me these past few months.
    I can't express how much I appreciate the work you have done, it has brought great satisfaction to myself and the people around me."

    J. Ingarfill
  • "I have always found Ms Gates to be a fierce advocate for her clients whilst also being forthright in ensuring that her clients comply with their obligations of full and true disclosure to the other party and the Court"

    Jo Haughton, Barrister at Law
  • "I have found Rebekah to be supportive, kind and always available to assist me. I have found her caring and genuinely concerned for my wellbeing but also ensuring my case is pursued as quickly and efficiently as possible"

    K. Hickey
  • "While this is one of the most difficult things I have experienced in my life to date, you made me feel at ease, and filled me with confidence that you have the best interests of my daughters and me at heart."

    Karen C.
  • "Rebekah has always taken a very personal and caring approach to any of our mutual clients… I often witnessed her not only show compassion and help her clients gain the emotional strength to continue but to also take the time to ensure the feedback and support was there.
    I am very confident in Rebekah’s abilities, ethics and personal integrity and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my clients, friends or family."

    Liz Carson, Lending Consultant – Prestige Mortgages
  • "At Family Focus Legal you're not "just a number, you're a person ", how true, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and want to help. They take the time to listen and then guide you in the right direction. Yep they care about you and your family."

    O. Linortner

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