Double Demerits & Common Misconceptions

Double Demerits & Common Misconceptions

Contrary to popular belief, not all driving and traffic offences carry a ‘double demerit’ penalty during long weekends and public holiday periods.

The only offences that carry the increased penalty are: –

  1. Speeding Offences;
  2. Not wearing a seatbelt; and
  3. Mobile phone usage.

All other driving and traffic offences such as not stopping at a red light or illegal u-turns carry their usual penalty.

Another important thing to take note of is that using a smart watch for mobile phone functions, such as messaging, emailing or social media communications whilst driving it falls under a ‘mobile phone usage’ offence and will attract double demerit points during these periods.

Another common misconception is that drink driving offences carry a ‘double demerit’ penalty, however, drink driving offences actually do not carry any demerit penalty and are their own category of offences which is a criminal charge. It can also involve a mandatory loss of license and fines if the Court deems it necessary.

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