Legal Aid

We have several Solicitors at Family Focus Legal approved to sit on NSW Legal Aid Panel for Family Law and Criminal Law  matters. We can assist clients in obtaining a Grant of Aid to participate in a Family Dispute Resolution Conference or perhaps to initiate or continue Court proceedings in the areas of Family Law and Criminal matters. We are currently unable to accept clients with current grants of Aid.

If you need ongoing legal help from a lawyer, you will need to apply for a 'grant of legal aid' and fill out a Legal Aid Application form, which our office can assist in emailing to you or conducting an appointment to complete the Application with you and advise of what supporting documentation you will need to provide. A grant of legal aid means that you have a private lawyer paid for by Legal Aid NSW representing you in your legal matter.

Contact us on 4655 4224 to discuss your eligibility for obtaining a Grant of Aid to assist in your legal matter.


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