5 things to know about the Collaborative Process

The old saying “many hands make light work” is never truer than in a collaborative process. With multiple skilled professional minds all focused on the couple’s common propblems, the solutions that flow are far more suited to the couple involved and their future, than can be achieved by the pure application of law.

Five things to know about the Collaborative Process.

  1. It is a process in family law where you and your former partner work as a team with your respective lawyers to get the best outcome for your family moving forward. This is different to the common family law resolution options where you and your former partner are against each other with competing interests.
  2. You and your former partner have total control over the outcome of negotiations in the collaborative law process. Unlike the traditional resolution options, collaborative law allows you and your former partner to come to your own agreement by openly discussing options in a number of round table style meetings, keeping the process open and honest focusing on the real issues and solutions as opposed to being focused on receiving a certain percentage in the end.
  3. It is a quicker process than having the matter determined by the Family Court, with a resolution often being achieved in a few months rather than 12-18 months through the court system.
  4. Collaborative law allows for the engagement of professionals, such as financial planners and psychologists to be introduced in the process. This gives you and your former partner a more wholistic experience, ensuring that the parties are in the best position financially, mentally and emotionally moving into the future.
  5. It is possible to go through a separation and remain civil and friendly with your former partner. Collaborative law allows you to do this and to ensure that there is minimal negative impact on your family.

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Article written by Kristina Lukic, Solicitor, Collaborative Lawyer at Family Focus Legal..

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