Selling Property

When selling your property, there is not much that you are required to do, other than list your property with a Real Estate Agent and instruct Family Focus Legal to act on your behalf.

We will arrange for the property certificates to be ordered which are required to create your Contract for Sale. Your real estate agent will require the contract before they are able to commence marketing your property.

Once the Agent has notified us that a Buyer has been found for your property, we will issue a copy of the Contract for Sale to the Purchasers Solicitors.

All that you will need to do is attend our office to sign the Contract and provide us with a copy of your mortgage details so that we can make contact with your current bank. If there is no mortgage on your property, you will need to provide us with the original Certificate of Title. We will take care of the rest!

We liaise with your Real Estate Agent, your Mortgagee and the Purchasers Solicitors right throughout the transaction and keep you well informed and up to date with regards to the progress of your sale.

Closer to settlement, we ensure that the Transfer document is signed, and that we receive the payout figure from your Mortgagee in time for settlement. We ensure that the Council and Water Rates are adjusted correctly and upon receiving your confirmation, we enter instructions to the electronic workspace informing the Purchasers Solicitors on how to direct the payments for settlement. On Settlement we ensure that Rates /Levies are paid up to date, that the mortgage is paid out, agents commission paid together with legal fees so that the proceeds that you receive from your sale, are all yours.

All that you need to do is cancel your insurance, telephone and electricity.

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