During a relationship, most couples acquire assets and build a financial base. After you separate, at some stage it will be necessary to divide your assets through a property settlement. It may be necessary to do this in a formal way, so as to sever your financial ties. These assets can include the family home, investment properties, interests in a business, shares, bank accounts and superannuation.

This may also involve the division of liabilities, whether in joint or sole names, such as loans, tax and stamp duty obligations. In determining what proportion the assets are divided many factors are taken into account. They include:

  1. The assets that you or your partner brought into the relationship;
  2. The assets and liabilities accumulated during the period of the relationship;
  3. The direct and indirect financial contributions of the parties;
  4. The non-financial contributions to the relationship;
  5. The future requirements of the parties as well as the parties future resources.

At Family Focus Legal, our experienced team can assist you with all aspects of your property settlement including:

  • Providing initial advice as to the likely distribution of the assets and liabilities of the relationship;
  • Obtaining all relevant information pertaining to the assets and liabilities of the relationship;
  • Negotiating with your partner or their legal representative;
  • Appearing for you in Court;
  • Attending to the transfer of your assets as part of a property settlement.

We also work with you to ensure that we utilise any other advisors you may have, such as Accountants or Financial Planners are included in this process and you receive the benefit of our holistic approach.

Our aim is to provide you with realistic advice and to see matters finalised to your satisfaction as early as possible.

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