First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers in New South Wales may be entitled to a government home buyer grants or concessions.

There are a range of different grants and concessions available to first buyers, with varying eligibility criteria.

The Revenue NSW, under the First Home Buyers section may have some information which can assist in determining whether you are eligible for any grant or concession. You can access this site using the following link:

Family Focus Legal has extensive experience in assisting First Home Buyers purchase their first home, and can assist you in navigating which grants and concessions you may be eligible for.

In the event you are not a First Home Buyer, or are not eligible for a duty exemption or concession, you can calculate the amount of duty you will be liable to pay to Revenue NSW using the following link:

Our conveyancing team are also able to assist in advising of the amount of stamp duty payable on your purchase.

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