A Will is a legally binding document which expresses your wishes as to what you would like to happen to your estate in the event of your death.

You can nominate your Executor – the person or persons whom you would trust to manage your estate along with declaring your beneficiaries or making specific gifts to individuals or charities. 

When dealing with Family Law matters, paying attention to your Last Will & Testament is particularly important. Your Last Will and Testament remains valid even though you have separated. If you have named your former partner as your Executor or a beneficiary under your Will, these directions will remain intact. At Family Focus Legal we recommend that you consider updating or preparing your Will immediately upon separation. 

The Solicitors at Family Focus Legal are skilled in drafting testamentary documents, ensuring that your Will operates the way that you intend it to. Your Solicitor will discuss with you methods to minimise the opportunity for an individual to challenge your Will and provide you with advice to suit your individual circumstances taking into consideration minor children, second marriages, blended families and omitting people as a beneficiary.

Family Focus Legal also offer to hold your Will in our safe custody at no charge to you. We organise a streamline appointment with you, taking detailed instructions prior to your meeting with us so that your time with our Solicitors is spent answering your questions and providing you with current, accurate advice. Please contact our office by phone on 4655 4224 or by email at info@familyfocuslegal.com.au

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