Special Disability Trust

A Special Disability Trust is a trust fund that is established by the family or carers of an individual who has a severe disability. The Trust aims to ensure that the financial needs in relation to care, medical treatment and living expenses of the disabled person will be met into the future.

Family Focus Legal can advise you if your family member or dependent meets the requirements to have a trust established in their name and have the experience in the drafting of these trusts to ensure that all documents and deeds are compliant. 

There are certain tax concessions available in relation to gifts made to the trust which we can provide advice in relation to and refer you, if necessary, to our partnered Accountants and Financial Planners or, alternatively, Family Focus Legal will also work closely with your Financial Adviser or Accountant to ensure that this is a streamlined process.

Ultimately, these Trusts offer peace of mind for parents and carers that their loved one will be financial secure into the future and we work with this sentiment in mind.

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