Disputed & Contested Estates

In circumstances where an individual has been left out of a Will it may be possible to challenge the Will and make a claim against the Estate.

A person may be eligible to make a claim on an Estate if they were:

  • The Husband or Wife of the Deceased;
  • A child or step-child of the Deceased;
  • A defacto partner of the Deceased;
  • A former husband or wife of the deceased; or
  • Had a close personal bond or were financially dependent on the deceased.

This list is not exhaustive and each matter varies greatly. Family Focus Legal take the time to sit and talk with the parties involved and aim to resolve these matters as quickly and simply as possible, ideally without the need to proceed to Court.

If you feel you were unfairly treated or completely left out of a Will, call our office to schedule an appointment to seek advice about your possible entitlement.

Alternatively, if you are the Executor of an Estate and have an individual wishing to make a claim, our office can provide you with advice and guide you through this sometimes difficult process so that the Estate may be finalised without delay or unnecessary costs. 

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