Purchasing Property

For the majority of people, purchasing a property is one of the most important financial transactions you will ever make and at Family Focus Legal we aim to make it as simple and stress free as we possibly can.

The only matter we ask you to attend to is arrange for finance (if required) and ensure that your loan is approved.

We will organise Pest & Building Reports or a Strata Report on your behalf and will request a copy of the Contract for Sale. We will arrange an appointment so that we are able to explain the terms and conditions of the Contract with you.

Once you have exchanged on your Contract for Sale, we will make enquiries on your behalf with the necessary Government bodies.

There are also stamp duty exemptions or reductions that you may qualify for and we will discuss whether you are eligible for any of the exemptions. Upon receiving your NSW Revenue payment, we will attend to the stamping of the Contract and Transfer.

We liaise with your Real Estate Agent, your Mortgagee and the Vendors Solicitors right throughout the Transaction and keep you well informed and up to date with regards to the progress of your purchase.

Closer to settlement we prepare a settlement adjustment sheet based on rates and charges outstanding and any other contract terms. As settlements all take place electronically, the legal representatives and the banks come together on the workspace to ensure that the required payments are made and finalised.

All that you are required to do is arrange your final inspection of the property and ensure that the property is insured as at the date of settlement.

Purchasing Property

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