A Parenting Plan is a document which is used to clarify the arrangements for care of children, by agreement between the parents.

It is a great document to utilise in circumstances where the parties are able to come to an agreement about the care of the child, and is useful in facilitating a positive co-parenting relationship, with the best interests of the children being the primary focus of both parents.

A Parenting Plan can include directions on issues such as whether one parent will have sole parental responsibility, or whether both parents will have shared parental responsibility, as well as the time the children will spend with each parent.

A Parenting Plan can be very useful to lay out the agreed care arrangements for the children, to avoid confusion or conflict between the parents. It can also be amended by agreement between the parents if circumstances change into the future.

However, Parenting Plans are not lodged with the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and are therefore not legally enforceable.

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