Co-Parenting and Communication Apps

At Family Focus Legal we understand that the two people facing a parenting conflict will very likely have to continue speaking with each other long after an agreement has been reached and we are no longer working with them. We work with the view that we will always do everything in our power to help our clients maintain their relationships.

But we get it – communicating with your ex about your kids after separation can be really hard. Co-parenting isn’t always easy. However, it has to happen and can’t be avoided. Communication between separated parents is essential for the children’s wellbeing. It is crucial that parents can resolve parenting and financial issues that arise.

Fortunately, we live in a digital age and the invention of co-parenting apps has helped make communication surrounding children more convenient, easy and conflict-free. It’s is a tool we highly recommend for our client’s who are struggling with keeping their communications stress free.  

In recent years, the number of co-parenting apps has multiplied. More and more parents are realising that these apps have several benefits for themselves and their family and are turning to them to communicate with each other, their children and keep track of important events.

How can co-parenting apps help you and your family?

  1. Many apps remove or suggest revision of potentially derogatory messages. Not only does this keep parents mindful of their words, it promotes positive communication. Open and respectful communication is more likely to result in decisions that are in the best interests of the children. It’s helpful to remember that Family Courts may look at the parents’ ability to communicate civilly when determine parenting arrangements.
  2. Notifications can be kept private and message subjects child-focused. This prevents children from being privy to discussions, which is beneficial for their mental health and development.
  3. Calendar capabilities. This allows parents to record important events, request changes and record details of visits. This is beneficial, particularly in high-conflict relationships as it reduces the amount that parents need to contact each other to determine when the children spend time with one another.
  4. Storage of children’s information for easy accessibility by both parents.
  5. Communication means with children to keep open and accessible contact between children and both parents.

There’s no one app or product that we recommend, however, we have had great feedback from our clients about the following:

  1. Divvito is a free app with messaging capabilities only. It has a ‘bot’ that suggests revision of potentially derogatory messages and notifications are kept private.
  2. eCommBook has both messaging and calendar capabilities. The app removes potentially derogatory messages, the subject menu is child-focused and has channels for private communication between the parent and child. It also has storage of messages for use in court proceedings. eCommBook is $6.99/ month.
  3. Our Family Wizard has messaging, calendar and information storage capabilities. The app identifies emotionally charged sentences and it stores the messages and stops them from being edited or deleted. Parents can also request calendar changes. The app is $99/year.
  4. Coparently has messaging and calendar capabilities, including communication means with the children. Coparently is $99/year.

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