COVID-19 – NSW Real Estate & Property Inspection Update

property inspection

This means that Real Estate Agents and Vendors can now show their homes for sale and complete the auction of properties the way they used to prior to the COVID-19 restrictions.

From this weekend, Saturday 9 May 2020, properties listed for sale are permitted to be viewed and inspected by way of open home and auctions may go ahead on site as opposed to the online auctions that were forced to occur.

Whilst it is recommended that the groups attending open homes be smaller groups of people, and that auctions are held outdoors if possible, we hope that this makes viewing, buying or selling a property much easier for our clients and for Real Estate agents.

As a community, we have all adapted well to the necessary restrictions that were put in place, however, a property transaction is one of the biggest financial decisions that a person will make and an on line virtual tour is not quite the same as viewing the property in person and getting a proper feel for it.

If you have been interested in buying or selling and have put it off due to the restrictions, this weekend is the time to go and inspect your dream home or investment property!

Our top tips for viewing properties at this time:

  • Wash your hands before you attend and as soon as practically possible after attending the property;
  • Bring hand sanitiser;
  • Try not to touch surfaces at the property;
  • Practice social distancing by keeping 1.5m away from other people viewing the property; and
  • Keep the number of people you bring to view a property as small as possible.

Best of luck with your properties this weekend and if you need assistance or have an enquiry in relation to buying, selling or transferring a property please feel free to contact our Conveyancing team on 4655 4224 or email

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