Family Court Fast Tracking Cases Affected by COVID-19

This move has come about as a result of the closure of a number of organisations such as contact centres and closure of interstate borders. Essentially, many parenting orders in place may be impossible to comply with as a result of the same. There may also be a difficulty in resolving matters where a child or parent has tested positive for COVID-19 or the increase in family violence due to the restrictions to stay at home.

Applications will need to meet a number of very strict criteria in order to be considered for this special Court process. In summary, the application must: –

  1. Be urgent;
  2. Be filed as a direct result of the outbreak of COVID19;
  3. All attempts to resolve the matter have been unsuccessful; and
  4. The matter is able to be dealt with through electronic means.

If the application is accepted by the Court, the matter will be listed before the Court with urgency and on this date the Judge will make specific and temporary orders in order to deal with the issues arising from COVID-19. If there are any other issues that are not related to COVID-19, these will be dealt with through the normal court process at a later date.

It is extremely important to obtain legal advice regarding the impact that COVID-19 has on existing parenting arrangements and whether your dispute would qualify for this special Court list. Contact our office on 4655 4224 to speak to one of our experienced solicitors who will be able to guide you in relation to how COVID-19 impacts you.

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